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    Lebanese Food and Culture


    Lebanese Culture

    Closeness of friends and family is one of the fundamental values in the Lebanese culture.

    Sharing, kindness and generosity are the pillars of the Lebanese culture, which always brings people together: old friends, loved ones and families.

    The Lebanese people know how to celebrate life and often do so by sharing a meal together.

    Lebanese Food

    Lebanese food is one of the most famous and popular foods in all Middle east as well as in the world.

    The Lebanese cuisine focuses on herbs, spices, and fresh ingredients (the Lebanese rarely eat leftovers). Olive oil, lemon & garlic as well as mint, parsley, allspice, and cinnamon are some of the most common seasonings.

    The food is usually eaten by ordering a variety of hot and cold mezzes, some salad next to it and of course the tender grilled meat. The Lebanese don’t hold back when it comes to eating sweets.

    Lebanese Mezzes

    Mezze, a variety of flavourful hot and cold dishes, is one of the most important part of the Lebanese cuisine. There can be many small dishes on your table that represent at once as either appetisers or as a meal itself.

    Hummus, stuffed grape leaves, hot and cold salads, and a variety of pastries are just a few examples.

    The mezze and the main dishes are always shared among the friends, family and partners – in fact, the true Lebanese food experience is sharing the food as well as sharing the joy of life together.

    Lebanese Bread

    Bread, a basic food in Lebanon, is served with almost every meal, most often as a flat bread unlike what you can usually see and taste in the Hungarian gastronomy. It is so important to the Lebanese cuisine that some Arabic dialects refer to it as ‘esh’, meaning ‘life’.

    The Lebanese bread is very thin, which allows you to savor the tastes of different mezzes and grilled meats.

    Flavorful Drinks

    Every dining experience should be accompanied by our flavorful arak – the country’s well-known drink. We also offer the traditional Lebanese soft drink, Rose water, among our other drinks.

    Your gastronomic experience should be finished with the Lebanese cardamom flavored coffee that is considered as a digestive to end the meal. Or if you prefer tea, our cardamom flavored tea served in a beautiful arabic style tea pot is something you should not miss.

    Heavenly Desserts

    Lebanese sweets are a must-try in our restaurant. The exotic flavors of orange blossom and rose water, mixed with crunchy pistachio nuts drizzled with Lebanese syrup create a feast for your senses.
    Try out our signature dessert – Halawet el Jibn, also known as the sweet cheese pastry with an authentic Lebanese ashta filling.